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Come see our direct lenders now Sometimes, in each of our lives, there is a time when we have to borrow money to cover an expense. One time it is easy, other times not so much, depending on the amount needed. Nowadays, this problem is almost non-existent as there is a very practical and quick way to Read More

Bank loan – which contract is the best

Steady income is the bank’s most important asset As high and stable as possible – this income gives almost green light when taking a loan from a bank. It is worth emphasizing, however, that only the income documented by the employer in the issued certificate is taken into account for the assessment of creditworthiness. This Read More

How to calculate and check your creditworthiness?

Creditworthiness is one of the most important factors that decide, among others on granting a loan. The conditions for granting loans at different banks differ, however, the analysis of creditworthiness always appears. How to check your credit standing and how to take a loan? In the text we also suggest how to calculate your creditworthiness, Read More

How to loan as much as we really need?

Borrowing is not bad in itself. On the contrary, it can be very helpful in crisis situations. Taken wisely, payday loans can be useful just in case of an emergency. Especially if we are able to return them quickly. When we can afford to pay off a larger amount gradually, it is worth considering an Read More

How do loan companies check clients?

Building mutual relationships is always important for service providers and consumers. It is no different in the case of the loan industry. It is obvious that customers want to use offers that meet their needs. In turn, non-bank institutions want to interest potential borrowers. However, for the cooperation to be successful, both parties must be Read More

Loan purchase: the impact of rising interest rates

For more than two years, the interest rates charged by the banks as part of the company real estate have continuously declined. This historically exceptional situation was the consequence of the monetary policy conducted by the European Centrum Bank. To revive the European economy at half-mast, the ECB (European Centrum Bank) has significantly lower rates. Read More

Controlled taking of loans

February 22, 2017 Sudden, unplanned events that heavily burden our wallet like to happen to everyone. Everyone was dealing with unplanned expenses, through which our financial balance is upset. Then the loan seems to be a good way out of a critical situation. However, there are times when we abuse the generosity of lenders and Read More